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Ahmed, Shot & Killed in Cairo Protests - July 8, 2013

My February 2013 photo in Tahrir Square of Muslim Brotherhood journalist Ahmed Assem El-Senousy, who, it has just been confirmed, was killed during violence at the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guards earlier today on Monday morning, July 8.

Ahmed befriended me in Tahrir in February and we spent hours together in open and fraternal discussions, including about our different political views. I found him to be extremely tolerant of other opinions and genuinely concerned about people’s welfare.

For example, in the midst of one of our conversations, he swiftly came to the defense of a woman in Tahrir who was being harassed.

Another aspect of his warm personality was particular concern for my safety. He insisted on accompanying me through police lines, into the very center of protests and into the besieged national headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party where he introduced me to several leaders.

No doubt it was this same passion that placed him in the front lines again at the national headquarters of the Republican Guards where he was shot and killed.

Goodbye and Farewell to my friend Ahmed and condolences to his loving family and friends. I hope their fond memories of this young man will console them in the years ahead.


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